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nitro and coffee dispensing products
nitro and coffee dispensing products


Nitro Infuser AGM - Single

nitro and coffee dispensing products


Nitro Infuser AGM - Dual

nitro and coffee dispensing products


Nitro Infuser AGM - Triple

Nitro Infusers for Keg Boxes

It's easy to dispense any still or nitro infused beverage from our inline infuser. The Nitro Infuser installs quickly between keg & tap. Infuse coffee, tea, kombucha or a wide variety of cocktails!

  • On-Demand Infusion

  • No more pre-charging kegs

  • No more shaking the keg

  • Infusion happens instantly

  • Advanced Gas Management (AGM)

  • Single gas input

  • Internal technology to manage gas distribution

  • Simplifies install process

  • Nitrogen Control System (NCS)

  • Provides precision to infusion

  • Allows customization of nitro infusion (essential for beverage expansion)

  • Ability to lock ideal infusion

  • Multi-Vortex Infusion Chambers

  • Adjustable to 25% nitrogen infusion

  • Infuses 100% Pure, Food-Grade Nitrogen

  • Opposed to compressed air found in countertop systems

  • The only way to achieve the perfect nitro cold brew

  • No Additional Cleaning

  • System cleans when you flush your tap lines

  • Pour Still And Nitro Infused Beverages From The Same Keg

  • User-Friendly And Adaptable To Self-Service Environments

Nitro Infuser POD

Nitro Infuser POD sets the industry standard for nitro infusing any beverage in a long draw draft system. Designed to install at the Point of Dispense this is perfect for any high volume establishment with demanding peak dispensing requirements.


The Nitrogen Control System assures proper infusion glass after glass.  Amaze your customers and nitro infuser most any beverage including cold brew coffee, tea, kombucha, energy drinks, cocktails, beer and more.

The compact size of the Nitro Infuser POD allows for easy install at the Point of Dispense.  Inside the draft tower or in the trunkline just before the tower are key locations for install.  This install location eliminates all the challenges associated with nitro infusing a long draw draft system.

nitro and coffee dispensing products
nitro and coffee dispensing products


Nitro Infuser POD - Single

nitro and coffee dispensing products


Nitro Infuser POD - Double

Nitro Infuse
In any Keg Box

EBS - Nitro Infuser System Installed-1.jpg


nitro and coffee dispensing products



Designed exclusively to work alongside the Nitro Infusers, the AfterBurner by Enhanced Beverage Solutions sends your beverage through an additional round of our patented Dual Vortex Mixing Chambers right before it leaves the tap, so you can easily achieve the perfect Nitro Beverage!​​


Added in tandem with a Nitro Infuser, it increases the cascade duration by a staggering 29% and provides a denser head to your beverage

For Long Draw Systems it's added before the tap so it removes the challenges of having the Nitro Infuser installed a long distance from the tap

Nitro BIB
Bag in Box

Say Goodbye to Convenience Store Solutions, You Can Now Dispense Specialty Still And Nitro Infused Bag-In-Box (BIB) Beverages From A Kegerator

Operational Advantages:

  • Pumps beverage out of bag-in-box to faucet

  • Nitrogen Control System (NCS)

    • Adjustable nitrogen infusion level

  • Patented, award-winning nitro infusion technology

  • Pour still and nitro-infused beverages from the same BIB

  • Ability to plug either still or nitro-infused outputs when not in use

  • Industrial-Grade Design

    • Steel enclosure

    • Draft industry standard fittings

bag in box dispensing products


Countertop Nitro Fusion

nitro and coffee dispensing products
nitro and coffee dispensing products

The perfect addition to your café, bar or restaurant. The Nitro Fusion countertop dispenser allows you to expand your menu with exciting nitrogen infused drinks. Serve that Instagram drink your customer is searching for.

Technical Features

  • Easy & hassle-free installation

  • Auto shut off when BIB or Keg is empty

  • Integrated cooler - Eco-friendly R290 refrigerant

  • Elegant/compact design : 7”W x 14”D x 16”T

  • 110 V


  • Creation of delicious nitro infused beverages (Cold Brew Coffee, Tea, Kombucha, Beer, Wine and Cocktails.)

  • ANG - Atmosphere Nitrogen Generator eliminates need for external Nitrogen gas source

  • Nitro infusion provides sweetness, and creamy texture without adding calories

  • Compatible with Bag-In-Box (BIB), and Keg

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