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Only Liquid Dispense offers a 5 Year Warranty on all their dispensing towers.

5 year equipment warranty

No Lead
No Leaks
Sweat Free


Call or email us today for a quote or for help in designing your dispensing system.

beer dispensing tower

The Liquid Dispense Cooling System
Patent Pending

The Liquid Dispense cold block system will ensure you dispense your product at the temperature you want. 

We'll help you design a dispensing system according to your needs. Whether it's a 38° system or if you need a mixture of temperatures for multiple beverages. 

Above & Beyond

It's important to everyone at Liquid Dispense to make sure that the product that leaves our factory meets your satisfaction. 

One example is welding the crossbars, top caps and flanges of our Metro towers. This ensures a clean look and a solid and stable dispensing tower that you don't have to worry about.

beer dispensing tower
beer dispensing tower
beer dispensing tower

No Sweat - Foam Insulation

Every glycol cooled tower from Liquid Dispense is foam insulated. We tested many variations of foam styles & densities until we perfected it. Our goal was to make a "Sweat Free Tower" and we stand behind that with our five year tower warranty. 

Light condensation may appear around the shank in high humidity climates but our towers will not sweat or drip. That's our guarantee!

304SS Lines

All Liquid Dispense towers come with 304SS stainless steel dispensing lines which are perfect for beer, wine, water, coffee & soda. Don't be fooled by companies that say their "Total Barrier Tubing" is resistant to bacteria buildup and is flexible so it's better.  You can only change from one style of beverage to another with 304 stainless steel. For example, you cannot change your beverage from beer to coffee with any grade of vinyl tubing. With 304SS, you can. Buyer beware!

Our stainless steel lines are 1/4" OD (3/16" ID) with welded and leak tested barbed fittings. 


The copper glycol lines also come with a welded barb which easily connect to 3/8", 5/16" & 1/4" trunk line.

304 stainless steel beer lines
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